Basic Stuff

Moderation System

>ban <@User> | Ban a User.
>kick <@User> | Kick a User.
>warn <@User> [Reason] | Warn a User.
>warns <@User> | Show all warnings from a user.


>joinrole <@Role> | Set a role to be assigned when joining.
>roleall <@Role> | Gives a role to everyone on the server.
>perms <@User> | Shows you the permissions of others.
>show_toprole [@User] | Get the Highest role from your or a mentioned person.
>joined [@User] | Get the Time when you or a mentioned person joined the Server.
>ping | Get the Ping of the Discord API
>customurl <URL> [CUSTOM URL] | a simple URL Shoorter
You can also set a Welcome Channel on the Dashboard